Quick Tips For Sinusitis Relief

There is a growing epidemic here in the U.S. You may be part of it and not even know it. What is it? Is is Sinusitis. Yeah, yeah. I know ‘epidemic’ sounds a little extreme, but the estimate of 40,000,000 patients suffering from sinusitis a year is a massive amount of patients!

In fact, that number is probably not even close to the real number. Just think about it, you may have had sinusitis in the last year and if you are at all like me, you don’t go to the local clinic and report your case every time you get sick. So when you add in the people like us, that just suffer at home, the number could easily be double what the reports say.

Because nearly everyone gets sinusitis at some point in their life, what can be done to reduce and relieve this condition?

There are several things that you can do from home to improve not only how you feel, but also how fast you recover from sinusitis.

The first place to start in your personal sinusitis cure is your daily menu. By that I mean that there are many items in our daily diet that aggravate and encourage sinusitis. These mucous causing foods can normally be handled just fine, but when you are suffering from a sinus infection or sinusitis, they should be temporarily eliminated so that your body has a bit of an advantage over the mucous. Gross, isn’t it?

Once you have stopped helping the mucous reproduce and gotten your immune system ahead of the game, give yourself another boost by taking a few vital supplements that you need to win the war against sinusitis.

Large doses of vit. C are essential to combat sinus infections. You can take this vitamin by supplement, but you’ll also get an amazing amount of relief by using vitamin C as a nasal rinse. If you dissolve several tablets into a cup of warm, but not hot, water, this solution can then be used a rinse. The benefits are that your body absorbs the vitamin C right through the sinus passages giving you immediate benefits.

Adding vitamin A is also valuable to your fight to cure sinusitis. Leafy greens give you this vitamin, but it can also be taken in the pill form. Also, take note that you can use vitamin A in the nasal rinse method above with good results also. The sinus tissues is quick to absorb the vitamin in this method.

I have only scratched the surface of the many things that can be done naturally to . Many other natural remedies are easily available to you.

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